Rev Robotics Spark Max Speed Controller Circuit Board

Here are some photos of the Rev Robotics Spark Max speed controller’s circuit board. They aren’t the best quality but should at least show you some of the details.

The two circuit board stack-up on the Rev Robotics Spark Max ESC

The Spark Max speed controller is a comprised of two circuit boards connected together. The top circuit board in the image above is the ‘logic’ board with a micro controller, data connectors and interfaces. The bottom circuit board handles the high power control for the motors.

Top of the two circuit boards

In the image above you can see the top of the two circuit boards. On the bottom board, left hand side, you can see the MOSFET Pairs. The two board to board connectors are to the right of the MOSFETS. Moving across the board you can see an IC in a QFN package. On the far right of the bottom board are several ceramic bypass capacitors.

The board in the top of the image above shows several connectors and the STM32 microcontroller.

The bottom of the circuit boards in the Spark ESC

The on the top circuit board in the image above direct wire to board solder connections can be seen. The golden color resistor in the middle of the board is a shunt resistor used to measure current. The logic board in the bottom of the image above several connectors can be shown and a IC in an SOIC-8 package can be seen towards the right of the board.

A Texas Instrument DRV8320

On the top of the power board is a Texas Instrument DRV8320 gate driver in an QFN-32 package. This IC is used to allow the STM32 microcontroller control the three pairs of power MOSFETS.

The power MOSFETs on the brushless ESC

To control the motor there are six MOSFET in 3 pairs. These are Nexperia PSMN1R0-30YLD N-channel MOSFETS arraigned in three half bridge configurations.

A STMicroelectronics STM32F302CC Microcontroller

Controlling all the functions of this speed controller by Rev Robotics is a STMicroelectronics STM32F302CC. This IC is located on the top of the logic circuit board.