5V to 300V DC Converter Module

Here are some images of a DC-DC converter designed for a large ratio step-up conversion. This module was purchase off of aliexpress for less than $10.

YH-24G01 K-Band Radar Transceiver – PCB

I bought this radar transceiver to make a radar jamming device. Stay tuned for more details. This radar transceiver module is solder under the part number YH-24G01. There exists a datasheet with minimal information, that is not super helpful once translated. Another blogger has spoke of difficulty with the Vtune function of the device, so… Continue reading YH-24G01 K-Band Radar Transceiver – PCB

GPS Jammer Teardown

In this post we are going to look at the insides of a GPS signal block from Aliepxress. The product listed a few specifications about the device, those can been seen below. The circuit board is housed inside a plastic clamp shell and doesn’t have a whole lot on the board. The display on the… Continue reading GPS Jammer Teardown

NoPhoto – Speed and Red-Light Camera Jammer – Circuit Board

No-Photo is a ‘camera jammer’ designed for automotive use. No-Photo uses several optical sensors to detect the flash of red-light and speed enforcement cameras. Once a flash is detected, the No-Photo device then flashes it-self causing the photograph from the traffic camera to potentially be over exposed. This device is patented, take a look at… Continue reading NoPhoto – Speed and Red-Light Camera Jammer – Circuit Board