Magpul Field Case for Iphone 5 Review

Magpul field case for iphone 5
I am very picky about cell phone cases.  On my Iphone 5 I have easily have tried or broken a dozen different cases.  (Otterboxes, Lifeproof Cases, Bumper Cases, and Snap Cases).  I am always looking for a slim case that will hold up and protect my phone from small drops.  I saw the Magpul Iphone 4 cases on amazon a few months back with extremely positive reviews.  I was browsing  amazon about two weeks ago and saw that they had finally release a case for the Iphone 5.  The new Magpul Field Case was priced extreamly well for such a highly review cases.  I decided it was worth the risk and pulled the trigger and ordered a Black Magpul Field Case.

As soon as I opened the package of the Magpul Field Case I knew it was something different.


For those that don’t know Magpul is a manufactruer of  polymer (plastic/rubber) firearm accessories.  Most of the accessories they make a lot of people would consider ‘tatical’ in style.   Since 1999 they have been making gun parts and only within the last few years they have been making Iphone cases.  The Magpul Iphone cases are made out of the same unique material that they use for their firearm accessories.  Another interesting fact is that they make all their products including the Iphone cases in the united states

The Magpul Field Case is made from a firm but rubbery  polymer.  The material a good bit firmer than the material that the exterior of the Outterbox Defender case is made from, to me it seems about the firmness of a car tire.  The entire case has a very girppy texture, something close to 100 or 120 grit sand paper.

The amazing texture of the magpul field case

The texture of the field case.

Design: The fit of the Field case is exceptional.  It fits perfectly and definitely has some thought into its design.

  • Bezel Lock: The field case doesn’t lock onto the edge of the screen, but instead locks onto the bezel of the iphone. So what does that mean?  Screen protectors work great with it, even thicker ones such as those that are made from glass.
  • Screen Protection: The front of the case extends past the front of the screen.  You can lay the Iphone facedown and not have to worry about scratches on the screen.

    Screen protector with the magpul field case

    The bezel lock and screen protection lip

  • Flash: Plenty of room around the flash.  An issue I had with other cases is that the flash of the camera would reflect off of the case causing picure issues.

    Camera opening on the magpul iphone 5 field case

    The camera opening on the magpul case

  • Protected lock button:  I weight this as a both a pro and con as I will explain later. The case has small inclines that prevent the lock button from getting caught or acciedntly bumped on stuff.

    The protected lock button on the magpul industries field case

    The protected lock button

  • Mute Switch: Large openeing for the mute switch.  On several cases I have had the mute switch opening was very tight, but on the magpul field case it is a very ampel opening.

    The mute switch and volume rocker on the magpul iphone 5 field case

    The mute switch on the magpul iphone case

  • Slim:  This case keeps the phone slim.  With the case on the iphone thickness comes in at around 11.4mm, an increase of 3.8mm.  That may seem like a lot but ~1mm of the thickness is from the ‘grip lines’ so when it is held.


Cons: Overall I am pretty happy with this case, but there are a few small things that could be improved on.

  • Firm Buttons: The volume buttons and the lock button required a fair bit more force to press.  In quick test I did, it took about 0.5lbs to activate the lock button without the case on and about 2lbs with the case on to activate the lock button.  Similar results were found with the volume buttons.
  • Blocked Lock Button:  While it nice not having the lock button get caught on things, the lock button guards sometime prevented me from fully depressing the lock button.
  • Large Mold/Casting Mark:  On the right side of the case there is a rather large mark/defect from the molding/casting process.

    A large mold mark imperfection on the magpul case

    Large Mold-mark on the magpul case


Overall: Overall I am quite happy with the Magpul Field Case for the iphone 5.  It seems like a good quality product with a few minor flaws at a very reasonable price (<$15).

The back ribbed pattern of the magpul field case

Back of the magpul case

Purchasing a Magpul Field Case:

Magpul cases are available at numerous online retailers such as ebay and amazon. The Magpul Field cases are available in several colors black, olive drab green, foliage green, orange, and pink.

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