Where to buy powerful lasers?

Powerful green laser pointer  buy lasers online
So you want to buy a powerfully laser? Okay, there are ton and tons of places that sell them, some of them legitimate and some of them that are not.  But before you go out and spend your hard earned money buying there are some things you should know before you buy lasers online.

  • Powerful lasers (>5mW) can potentially be dangerous. Be sure to read up on laser safety and get yourself a set of laser goggles that are appropriate for your laser.
  • Often times you get what you pay for. For example expect a $300 laser to be built to higher quality standards than a $15 laser from ebay. Characteristic such as life span, ir leakage, power, and stability can all drastically change from a $300 laser to a $15 laser.
  • Sadly it may be illegal for buy a powerful laser. In United States limits the max power of a laser pointer to 5mW.  In European Union and Australia limits the max power of a laser pointer to 1mW. Importing anything with greater into other countries may get your laser confiscated. I’m am sure there are other limitations for other counties as well.
  • Can’t I just pot mod my laser to make it more powerful? No.

Okay thats all great, but where do I buy lasers from?  Continuing reading to find out! 

Where to buy lasers from?

    • Laser Glow – Most of their lasers are made by CNI Lasers, a lot of them meet FDA laser certifications that allow some of them to be 100% legal in the USA.
    • Dragon Laser – Most of their lasers are also made by CNI Lasers, they offer a fair number of different lasers.
    • Optotronics – A laser company that is based in the United States. They have been known to offer great customer service and a good product
    • O-Like – I personally have ordered several lasers from these guys and I have always been happy with them for the price.
    • Z-Bolt – This is an American company that sells lower power (~5mw) lasers in various colors and form factors. I have two of their lasers and they work great!


Where NOT to buy lasers from?

    • Wicked Lasers
    • Laser Diy
    • Numerous others, way to many to list

Top image source: Flickr User-fastlizard4

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